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Key Takeaways:

There is a dynamic relationship between loss and gain – loss is the backdrop for gain

We are always concerned with what someone gains but never do we consider what they had to lose – Jesus’ greatest miracle happened under circumstances of great loss

You will always have a calling on your life as you’re trying to figure out who you are. You get 3 groups of people in life:
1. Those that want to keep you small – you’re easier for the world to ignore when you’re small but you can’t let bitterness take over your life
2. Those that try to make you big – these people see more in you than you see in yourself.
3. Those who are wondering where they fit in – they just want to be connected to you

You have to acknowledge and accept the new standard when you elevate from something because expectations are fostered and you are expected to show up

For every bit of elevation, you must consider the 3 groups of people that you will encounter

Your purpose will make you isolate yourself and realize that your gift has made room for you. At this point, you have to figure out who you are NOW, because it’s not who you were before

When elevation is released onto you, you must identify with it because there are miracles that happen before other miracles although you may not recognize them as miracles

Purpose will CHASE YOU DOWN. Right when you thought you were going to fail, purpose just sneaks up and forces a ‘but when’ moment (“I was about to give up on that thing BUT WHEN …”) There is always a ‘but when’ moment connected to deserted places.

Purpose will chase you even when you want to be left alone. Purpose knows those who will look outside of what they are feeling and do what needs to be done. You have to see that the world needs you more than you need to be by yourself

God will bless you with things prematurely, forcing you to step out of your comfort zone.

You have to recognize when you’re standing in a miracle. It should make you want to dig so deep that you have to pull something out of yourself in order to feed/nurture what’s in front of you

Stop waiting on the confirmation of others to use and fix your gifts and talents

Ignore the people with old news and old facts about how to fix your miracle

You can’t use practical knowledge when God is giving you a miracle opportunity

Unnecessary miracle – when there is a more practical option but because you had the courage to dig deep down and try anyway, God grants you a miracle that wasn’t even necessary

You have to be like the blind who know that unless God does it, their situation won’t be better

When you go from a deserted place to comfort, be sure not to stop asking God for miracles

There are miracles attached to every deserted place that you find yourself in

The unnecessary miracle is necessary for everyone else to see

You want the mindset of unnecessary miracles so that you can do exceedingly and abundantly and everyone around you can learn from your journey. So your faith can be made stronger

We are most powerful when we live in deserted places because we have to dig deeper over and over again

God won’t allow your destiny to pass you by. He will make everything wait on you

When you pass things out, God will refill your hand because you’ve tapped into a well that will never run dry. As you give, he gives

Share your life, talent, and gifts with the multitude (the world)