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The first glimpse I had at peace, happiness, and purpose, served as the blueprint for the remainder of my days. I dreamed long and hard at the moment when even on my worse day, I felt fruitful. If 20 bad things happened in a day, I’d be full of so much inner peace that I would still be able to center myself and sleep peacefully that night.

After experiencing the feeling of true happiness in a moment, I then experienced living happiness in reality. In that reality, in the midst of all of your joy, there will still be a number of things that try to derail you. Some you can anticipate, others you had no idea were coming. The best thing about that first glimpse of happiness is the craving you get for it moving forward. You start to get creative in your gestures and decision making, you began to frequently monitor the thoughts that enter your headspace, you get real overprotective of your investments (time, money, energy, etc.). Now that your focus has changed, those obstacles set out to derail you start to lose their space in your life and have a much smaller impact.

True happiness and peace are when you are able to separate good from God. A good feeling is no longer sufficient. If it doesn’t set your soul on fire, if it doesn’t drive your heart, if it doesn’t awaken your spirit, you notice aren’t pressed.

The place you dream about each and every day is your peace. It’s your heaven on earth and if you don’t get a hold of it, the world also offers a ton of hell for you to be distracted by. Your peace is your difference. Crave it, own it, and live by it.