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Entrepreneurship Lessons

Still maneuvering through this entrepreneur life and honestly, the only thing that I have to complain about is money. Obviously that's the biggest part of pursuing your own dreams - leaving those stable checks to make something out of what starts as nothing. At this...

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It’s now about 8 months since I left my super comfy, well paid job. I’m probably not the first person you’ve heard this from, but in no way can you really prepare for this journey. In fact, you spend so much time looking for ways to further your stability that you...

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Exhausting All Options

I always say “it’s crazy how the universe works.” Here I am, dragging myself in my own mind, while simultaneously trying to stay focused and faithful when I fell into one of those moments where I just felt like I needed to ‘re-center.’ I hopped on YouTube and tuned in...

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Dead Broke but Rich in Soul

I write this with full transparency and authenticity. I spent this entire day grinding, but in my head calculating. Every dollar spent and every dollar earned - trying to make sure my expenses stay far below my income. Then praying right behind those calculations,...

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Squeezed Out

Key Takeaways: Scripture of Focus = John 9: 11-17 Eight (8) is the number of new beginnings We have to decide if we will be in the majority or the minority We have to squeeze out the plots and plans of the enemy - anything that will stand up against what God is doing...

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The Slump

If you’re anything like me - you have moments when you feel like you can take over the world, but you also have moments when you feel like the world has taken you over. No motivation, lack of drive, routine days .. basically, a mood that feels like depression but...

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A Deserted Place/An Unnecessary Miracle

Key Takeaways: There is a dynamic relationship between loss and gain - loss is the backdrop for gain We are always concerned with what someone gains but never do we consider what they had to lose - Jesus’ greatest miracle happened under circumstances of great loss You...

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Letter to Nip

I can't understand why my spirit is so S H O O K right now. I am utterly confused about why I feel so deeply about a soul I have literally never seen nor met, but listened to with so much heed and admiration. Your wisdom, posture, music, and overall existence will...

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Peace- The Perfect Place

The first glimpse I had at peace, happiness, and purpose, served as the blueprint for the remainder of my days. I dreamed long and hard at the moment when even on my worse day, I felt

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