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It’s now about 8 months since I left my super comfy, well paid job. I’m probably not the first person you’ve heard this from, but in no way can you really prepare for this journey. In fact, you spend so much time looking for ways to further your stability that you don’t even notice if you’ve met your comfort level. I think in the beginning, as an entrepreneur, nothing is enough because you’re always anticipating that what you have will run out. When I say what you have, I don’t just mean physically / materialistic – I’m talking about ideas, projects, resources, relationships, etc. Rarely do us entrepreneurs realize that we can use everything I just mentioned to navigate where we ultimately plan to end up. 

More than anything, I don’t think entrepreneurs need money, but what we need is strength of mind and character. We need to be able to stand firm on our beliefs and vulnerabilities. We need to move with unrelenting confidence in every decision made, while also being wise enough to accept wisdom. We need patience and lots of faith. We need less pride and more opportunity. 

This journey, just like life, was never said to be easy. It was never said to be an overnight success, it was never said to look exactly like what you see with your own eyes. The only thing that it is – is yours. So make the best of it. Do what you want with it. Allow God to have his way with it.

Why? Because “it” will be all worth it in the end.