Meek Mill
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I write this with full transparency and authenticity. I spent this entire day grinding, but in my head calculating. Every dollar spent and every dollar earned – trying to make sure my expenses stay far below my income. Then praying right behind those calculations, like God is in any way concerned with such small things. Not stressed, but pressed.

So now I’m sitting here and this lyric comes to mind:

”was dead broke but rich in soul, was we really that poor? Was we really that dumb?”

Damn. Like way to set me straight, Meek. For every dollar I ever spend or earn, my wisdom and soul will always supersede its value infinitely. As if I hadn’t witnessed greatness come with hard work time and time again.

Don’t be anxious, be patient.

Be not weary in your well doing. For in due season we shall reap.

All that to say, it’s far more beneficial to shift our focus to things that we know and have witnessed as opposed to those that are unknown and that we fear.

B O S S U P !

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