I can’t understand why my spirit is so S H O O K right now. I am utterly confused about why I feel so deeply about a soul I have literally never seen nor met, but listened to with so much heed and admiration. Your wisdom, posture, music, and overall existence will never part ways with me. For every time I think about a fearless, authentic, genuine, successful human, I will mention your name – just as I do with Pac.

Your death motivated me on another level and I hate that it had to be under these circumstances, but I want you to know that God used your spirit as a vessel for me. I swear it’s so weird – but now, after learning from everything that you’ve fed to the culture, I’m even more sure that one day I will do it real big.

And to the world – take it from a legend like Nip. Step into rooms and demand the floor with your presence. Be so credible in what you stand for and stand on, that the world can’t even question who you are when they hear your name. Be real about what you put into the earth because you can’t get it back and you better believe that we will remember you by it.

Forever missed,