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Entrepreneurship Lessons

Entrepreneurship Lessons

Still maneuvering through this entrepreneur life and honestly, the only thing that I have to complain about is money. Obviously that’s the biggest part of pursuing your own dreams – leaving those stable checks to make something out of what starts as nothing. At this point, I think I spend so much time worrying about the money that it stunts my creative process. At the same time, working that comfy job and trying to find time to create has also stunted my process. Just like anything else in life, I’m learning that it’s about finding a healthy balance, which looks different from one person to the next.

The other test of time is a lack of mentorship and network. Personally, I’m learning that networking is kind of weird for me although I have no problem being outspoken. I probably just don’t know how to network, honestly. I’m a little too cool if that makes any sense (currently trying to see if I need to humble myself or this is really just me *shruggs*). Socially, I’d say that I just have to do better. Being around the right people and in the right rooms will undoubtedly spark ideas and create those opportunities that we’re looking for. 

Last but not least, I’m learning the truth behind the very cliché phrase, ”it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Idk how it is for you but for me, these days go by so fast. Some days I spend more time in my mind than doing anything physically or creating tangibly. It’s important to keep in mind that those days are part of the process as well. I came across a quote recently that read, ”If you do things too early, it’s actually just as bad as doing them too late” – Fraser Cooke (Sr. Director, Nike). This put a whole lot into perspective. 

Learn to play the game. Don’t let the game play you.

All of my people out here creating their own 9-5’s, I love you 💙

**Keep in mind that all of what you read comes from the wisdom that I’ve gained through my own experience**

With Love,




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It’s now about 8 months since I left my super comfy, well paid job. I’m probably not the first person you’ve heard this from, but in no way can you really prepare for this journey. In fact, you spend so much time looking for ways to further your stability that you don’t even notice if you’ve met your comfort level. I think in the beginning, as an entrepreneur, nothing is enough because you’re always anticipating that what you have will run out. When I say what you have, I don’t just mean physically / materialistic – I’m talking about ideas, projects, resources, relationships, etc. Rarely do us entrepreneurs realize that we can use everything I just mentioned to navigate where we ultimately plan to end up. 

More than anything, I don’t think entrepreneurs need money, but what we need is strength of mind and character. We need to be able to stand firm on our beliefs and vulnerabilities. We need to move with unrelenting confidence in every decision made, while also being wise enough to accept wisdom. We need patience and lots of faith. We need less pride and more opportunity. 

This journey, just like life, was never said to be easy. It was never said to be an overnight success, it was never said to look exactly like what you see with your own eyes. The only thing that it is – is yours. So make the best of it. Do what you want with it. Allow God to have his way with it.

Why? Because “it” will be all worth it in the end.

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Exhausting All Options

Exhausting All Options

I always say “it’s crazy how the universe works.” Here I am, dragging myself in my own mind, while simultaneously trying to stay focused and faithful when I fell into one of those moments where I just felt like I needed to ‘re-center.’ I hopped on YouTube and tuned in to a long overdue episode of the “Pull Up” series, hosted by Joe Budden with Teyana Taylor as the guest. Long story short, Teyana goes into detail about how at some point she felt like the music industry wasn’t yielding the results she felt like she deserved, which lead to her focusing on and developing other talents and interests. In the midst of conversation, she says: “I’m here to do right now and try it my way and if it doesn’t work, then I just know that it’s not for me. I’m a big believer in exhausting all options with anything in life.”

Those words really struck something within me.

Really think about if you “exhausted all of your options” before you made that tough decision. Like moving on from something that you still feel connected to on this day. Or not believing in yourself enough to face and overcome your own challenges. To me, exhaust all options means to give your absolute everything to everything. It leaves a minimum amount of room for quitting because you’re spending so much time finding other options, enhancing your ideas and simply giving yourself a chance to be exactly what and who you know you can be. Sometimes we give the world far more chances than we would ever give ourselves. After today, make the decision to be ten toes down. Exhaust all of your options and give that situation everything you’ve got, until you know that you know that you know – whatever it is isn’t meant for you. Our elders tell us all the time – “when you know, you know.”

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Dead Broke but Rich in Soul

Dead Broke but Rich in Soul

I write this with full transparency and authenticity. I spent this entire day grinding, but in my head calculating. Every dollar spent and every dollar earned – trying to make sure my expenses stay far below my income. Then praying right behind those calculations, like God is in any way concerned with such small things. Not stressed, but pressed.

So now I’m sitting here and this lyric comes to mind:

”was dead broke but rich in soul, was we really that poor? Was we really that dumb?”

Damn. Like way to set me straight, Meek. For every dollar I ever spend or earn, my wisdom and soul will always supersede its value infinitely. As if I hadn’t witnessed greatness come with hard work time and time again.

Don’t be anxious, be patient.

Be not weary in your well doing. For in due season we shall reap.

All that to say, it’s far more beneficial to shift our focus to things that we know and have witnessed as opposed to those that are unknown and that we fear.

B O S S U P !

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Squeezed Out

Squeezed Out

Key Takeaways:

Scripture of Focus = John 9: 11-17

Eight (8) is the number of new beginnings

We have to decide if we will be in the majority or the minority

We have to squeeze out the plots and plans of the enemy – anything that will stand up against what God is doing

Every time naysayers/the devil start their distractions, we must decide what side we will be on

It’s easy to be squeezed out when we receive an impartation of God’s word. The pressure arises to squeeze something out of us

God gives miracles that we don’t even know to ask for. Answering needs before we experience knowing what exactly is needed

New beginnings come with complications

    • The complications are there to squeeze things out of us

The right encounter with Jesus will change our whole life and who we are on the inside. It will also change how other people see us

Jesus will give us wisdom that we didn’t inherit

We will notice that people were blind to our potential before we had sight and now that we have sight, they want to know what’s going on inside of us

People will want to reuse our formulas because it looks so good

The power of the next level will come from how we obey what Jesus sees deep down on the inside of us

    • For example, ‘he put you in that relationship so you could figure out who you are” and ever since then, you’ve been moving different

Jesus got on the cross and stretched himself wide to give us a second chance

    • We have to believe what God says about us
      • That’s the only way we’re going to break something off of our families

We don’t need any man or woman to co-sign what God is doing on the inside of us 

Sometimes all we know is that he saw us when we didn’t see ourselves and he saved us when we lost ourselves 

We thought life was turning on us but God was squeezing something out of us

There will be pressure from everything and everyone around us when we make it to the other side 

There are people playing catch up to what is happening in our lives. We just have to know and believe that he’s doing something

God will change your language. He will do one thing that changes everything in your atmosphere 

What do you say about God when you’re pushed into a corner? What you say will determine your future

You have to squeeze out everything inside of you that does not belong

    • Squeeze something out that changes your family

You are not waiting on a breakthrough – God is just waiting on your vote

    • Co-sign what God has already said about you in heaven

Remember – Wherever there is pressure, there is also God

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