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I have an anointing from God and a passion for people who look like me.

– sarah jakes roberts


and colleague of many, her impact remains consistent. Tashé reps the illustrious Howard University and began her career in public accounting before leaving corporate to pursue her dreams of being both an educator (tutor) and designer. Outside of everyday work-life, she has always dedicated and invested her resources into the development of others, leading to the foundation of SHÉ (Saving Hearts Eternally), promoting self-confidence and authenticity in all areas of life.

Tashé has always been passionate about fashion, education, and mentor-ship. Above all, her mission has always been to reinforce the importance of self-care. Each opportunity allows Tashé to leave an imprint on her surroundings while being persistent in what she believes is her God-given gift and purpose.

Tashé dreams of the day when she will be able to touch the souls of many and build a reputation for instilling confidence and a true sense of worth in all of her counterparts. She makes a conscious effort to live her life with full intentionality and purpose, on a steady journey to fulfilling her destiny.

This here is her invitation to you.

iAn invitation to embark on a life of generational wealth and power through self-fulfillment. An invitation to always remember yourself without forgetting others, keeping in mind that the goal is to remain true.

SHE is a self-empowering lifestyle with a mission to instill unwavering confidence and faith in all of whom are open to becoming the best version of themselves. This platform is a result of vast personal experiences and wisdom gained over time. I hope that you find this content essential to developing your sense of self. Whether it’s as simple as the clothes you put on your back, the knowledge you take in, or a task requiring you to serve someone else, your thoughts and beliefs about who you are, are all tied to what you fill yourself with and portray to the world. Use these tools to your advantage and as leverage in all opportunities to improve yourself.

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