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The Slump

The Slump

If you’re anything like me – you have moments when you feel like you can take over the world, but you also have moments when you feel like the world has taken you over. No motivation, lack of drive, routine days .. basically, a mood that feels like depression but really you’re just in a slump. It’s one of those moods where almost nothing will make it better while just about everything can make it worse.

The most challenging aspect of the slump is understanding what got you there to begin with. Like literally, it was all good just a week ago. The faith in me suggests that the small voice on the inside of you knows that it may be time for something new. Just when the going got good, things changed. Not your circumstances, but the way you’re thinking about them. On one hand, you could be seeking more than what you have and you may very well deserve more but you haven’t necessarily figured out how to get it. On another hand, you may want more but have failed to reap the benefits of where you are. Thus, God has not made clear the path for you to find your way out.

Not only do you not know how you got in this slump, now you have no idea how to get out of it. Has anyone ever suggested that you let go and let God? Life doesn’t just happen to us. It happens for us – with full intention. Check on your faith and check on your perspective.